Sunday, November 15, 2009

Golf and Writing -- The Three "Bs" They Share

Thinking of the "Four Ps" that were shared by both the game of golf and the act of writing a novel was a good mental exercise for me, so I've decided to expand the idea to other letters of the alphabet. Today, I want to share my brainstorming that focuses on the letter "B" and concepts that apply to my two favorite pastimes.

Bargain -- While I love being a writer, I admit that once in a while you do have to make deals with yourself in order to stay motivated. If you aren't in the mood to sit down at the computer on a particular day, tell yourself, "Finish editing this chapter and then you can drive to the course for a round of golf before the sun sets."

Branding -- I've mentioned before on this blog the need to develop a brand for yourself. What is unique about you or what you offer to the readers? I believe that I present a unique series of books by placing emotional stories of human relationships within the context of a golf course. The same need to stand out holds true on the golf course. All of my fellow golfers can admit they love to get the "how did he do that" look! Do you have a signature approach towards your shots?

Bounce Back -- Every writer is going to receive some harsh criticism from time to time. Sometimes the remarks are justified and can help to make your work better. Other times, they are harsh for no apparent reason. Either way, you need to take the comments in stride, use them when you can, and keep typing! There also are days on the golf course that you want back. Maybe you missed an easy put while playing your biggest golf nemesis. You've got to shake it off and come back tomorrow.

It's been fun to come up the commonalities between golf and writing and helped me to reflect on why I enjoy both so much. Can you think of other "Bs" that apply here? Share them with us!

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