Monday, April 27, 2009

Is the Bad Economy Affecting Fictional Golf Course Employees?

The economy has found the idea of higher education one that has both merits and drawbacks for many Americans. On one hand, the rising tuition that is becoming a necessity on many campuses in the face of serious education budget cuts has parents concerned that the dream college for which their son or daughter has long desired may not be possible. Then again, there are a record number of people who are either returning to school after losing their jobs or staying in school for a graduate or professional degree in order to avoid facing the harsh job market. Already, the nightly news shows are running stories about what the current recession will mean for the class of 2009.

In my series of books that take place at the Prairie Winds Golf Course, my readers are introduced to a character that may not be living her dream job in light of the environment she faces every day. Julie is the bookkeeper for the golf course, as well as a graduate of the local junior college. While her work is impeccable in its professionalism and thoroughness, and she has a great relationship with her supervisors, some of the other regulars in the club house leave something to be desired. Julie shows a great strength of character in the way that she handles the members who drink a bit too much while enjoying a day on the course as well as those who find it appropriate to make advances on her as she tries to handle the office finances. Men and women alike will appreciate Julie’s confidence and spirit.

Is Julie a good candidate to return to school and further her education with the many others who are trying to get a leg up in this difficult economy? Or, should she be happy to have a job at Prairie Winds, despite its drawbacks, and keep her current position until the overall market improves? I hope you will read Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, and Tuey’s Course and let me know what you think about Julie and other characters that come to life on the pages.

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